China manufacturer Servo Motor Gear Reducers near me factory

Application area CNC Machining, Medical Apparatus, Textile Machinery, Packaging equipment. Reducer technical parameters Model LRF90-50 Type Planetary Reducer Speed ratio 50:1 Input Bore Size 19mm Output Shaft Size 20mm Input Flange Model NEMA36 Stage 2 Max Output speed(rpm) 6000 Rated input speed (rpm) 3500 Arcmin £¼10

Full load efficiency(%) 94 Torque with no load (Nm) 0.4 Rated output Torque (Nm) 105 Max output Torque (Nm) 210 Maximum allowable radial force(N) 1300 Maximum allowable axible force(N) 1100 Noise(dB) ¡Ü58 Torsional rigidity 0.3 Protection IP65 Application Matched with Servo/Stepper Motor Country of Origin China(One year warranty) SUPPLY LRF60 speed ratio 3/4/5/7/10/ 16/20/25/28/35/40/50/80/100:1


Wide range of servo gearboxes, designed to fit almost all servo motors found on the market

Designed for the highest torsional stiffness and the lowest angular backlash, for the maximum torque and overhung loads

Bush with slots and hub clamp for servomotor coupling


Enhanced dimensional compactness due to direct servomotor coupling

Widest range of possible servomotors coupling dimensions.

The correct technical solution thanks to a comprehensive range of sizes, gear stages, transmission ratios, designs and non-standard designs.

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